Value-added services to industry

Kunftek offers high value-added services to industry. Its various missions – providing technical expertise, studies, innovative engineering and consultancy – can also be extended to inclusive the supply of turnkey systems. Its aim is to improve the security and efficiency of complex systems, particularly in the energy sector, by using a rigorous methodology that takes into account areas such as risks, ergonomics, organizational aspects and human factors.

Our skills

We are specialized in custom solutions for our clients at European Market. for  EV conversion industry.

If you have any doubt or question contact us! Together we will solve it!

- Electric car range calculus- Curtis AC controller custom set up- CAN communication set up- Wiring/scheme design- Battery capacity test- Custom battery pack set up and motorsport EV setup.


We are located in Estonia and Portugal.

The headquarter is located in tallin and in portugal is located in Portimao.


Mustamee tee 365 32 11200 Tallinn